Three approaches to telling your story...

Each of our Explainer video animation styles offers a unique tone. Which is right for you? 

1. "Stock Video Drama"

Filming your own original footage is time-consuming and expensive. We can license excellent stock video footage and integrate our own animation (text, icons, highlights, live objects and much more) to create a slick combination of real-life scenes and customized art.



2. "Vector Magic"

This slick, hi-tech approach generally focuses on simplified, visual elements morphing one to the  next, requiring  little "analysis" for quick mental digestion as it flows. Uses kinetic text to empahsize key points and extensive use of sound effects.





3. "Cartoon/Hand-drawn"

Cartoon-based animations using characters for a light, friendly, colorful touch mean the sky's the limit on options to get your point across. 

TLV Media


…and naturally, we can integrate demo footage or screen captures of your product into any of these styles, so viewers can see how it works, as you tell its story.