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View or download helpful videos and PDFs to help you get the most out of the projects you create with us

Post-production for recorded webinar footage (PDF)

Before you record your webinar, think about how you're going to use that recording, what the main content is, and plan accordingly. 

It's easier said than done, and as you have only one shot at your recording, it's worth thinking it through. Here's a helpful analysis flowchart to help you along. It looks a little complicated, but takes only a few minutes to understand. Feel free to ask if would like us to walk you through it, you have a specific scenario we haven't covered!


(Click to enlarge, or download the PDF)

Recorded Webinar Planning flowchart

Light, camera...swipe?!

There's no question that adding video interviews (of your customers or someone on your team) creates a powerful engagement tool.


The good news? It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Yes, we can spend an hour or two polishing it up for you, adding all the bells and whistles that make it look professional. But filming? That can be all you. No expensive cameraman required.


All you need to do is follow a short list of rules. Here's a quick video to show you what you need to know. We also have a PDF version to share with colleagues - ask us for it!

Video Conference Optimization

In this day and age of online conferences, interviews and discussions, virtually everyone is still making the same handful of mistakes. Here's our one-pager on getting it right. If you're a client, we'd be happy to co-brand it for you to distribute to interviewees...

Download the "Video Conference Tips" PDF here.

Recording Your Software for an Online Demo

We produce souped-up demos of software services so that potential customers can see your product in action. Here's an important list of guidelines to keep in mind as you create that video capture (We're happy to record it from our screens as well, but we've found that you often know best what you want to show, and how...)

Download the  "Screen-capture Guidelines" PDF here.

How Long Should My Explainer Video Be?

Most clients ask this important question as we begin every project. The answer is not a gut feeling or personal  preference; it's about how long it takes to actually get the job done. Setting a specific time limit and restricting your text to it means you might not get your message across. Here's the story:

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