"So here's what you tell them..."


RapidFire is your one-stop shop:
We craft your story and then design the materials you need to tell it.


For many early-stage (or pivot/“reboot”) clients, this is the first step and helps you firm up exactly what it is you stand for, and how you plan to explain it. It’s a text-based guide to core messaging, used as the “official” source of everything else you/we create. It includes your tagline, Elevator Pitch, Corporate Mission, FAQ/Objection handling, and Key Terminology. For Israel-based businesses or non-profits of any size, we can also run a half-day session to develop this document interactively with you.


There are a lot of ways to tell your story (see below!), but a video is the quickest, most efficient way to get your message across precisely as you want it told. And this is why ‒‒ though we carefully choose from our team of designers and animators for the visual style that best suits your message ‒‒ we’re most obsessive about your script. Packing your story into a few hundred words and about a minute or two isn’t an afterthought – it’s the core element for a successful video.

Need to add voice and effects to a screen-capture demo? Edit existing video footage? We do that too. Considering filming live video? We can help, but strongly urge you to consider the possible downside.


But what exactly is that story in that script? That brings us to...

Next, let’s turn your story into the collateral you
will share with clients, investors, customers…

More Collateral
We'll both write and design the rest of your collection:

Whether you need a 1-2 page executive summary or a more complete 3-5 page plan (yeah, we could write 10-20 pages too, but does anyone read those?), we’ll help you make a case for your business. We can either start from scratch using our proven template, or take a draft from you and polish it up.


This is the content  (drawn from the Branding Bible, if you’ve requested that step) that quickly and effectively communicates your message across on your site. Sadly, people are often too lazy to read; in addition to your homepage video, this text you have must be powerful, short, and written in a “Don’t Make Me Think” style. Ideally, it includes messaging about the reader, not simply about the product/service. We also design and produce basic, low-cost website (like this one) using Wix. When you need a clean, information site without high-end, custom programming, why pay for a whole development team?


There's a better option than a Powerpoint when you want to send out a brief overview of your company and its offerings. Powerpoints restrict you to the use of only basic fonts, limited layout options and can’t be easily scanned or viewed without lots of click-back-click-back. Often (well, usually, in our opinion), an open-design elegantly illustrated PDF is infinitely more flexible, more readable, and... appreciated.

Your Infographic

Sometimes you want to make it clear that you're a subject matter expert, but don't expect anyone to read a long white paper. If you've got the data and insight to share, we can create an engaging, colorful infographic to get the info out to your audience. They are easy to embed in a blog post, and an elegant, compact way to get the point across. Here are a few samples of infographics we've produced.


If you'd prefer a more textual way to demonstrate your expertise, we can write/edit and design a series of white papers for you as well.


Here's a secret: You actually need two decks. The first is a "Trigger Deck" for use in face-to-face meetings. For this version, we strongly believe in Guy Kawasaki’s general approach: keep it light and simple, each slide simply an attractive graphical trigger for you to launch into discussing each subject. Nobody wants you to read to them – or to read along with you. For better or for worse, most investors also insist on a second deck - the one that you mail them and must stand on its own as a more complete version. Even this deck cannot be too text heavy or cumbersome to read. More about this issue here.


...and we're happy to help design flyers, social media image/video ads,
brochures, business cards, conference booth art
and more!

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