Video Production FAQ

While each of our clients is unique, there are some consistent questions that come up frequently about our video production process. Hopefully, the FAQs below will answer your questions, as well. If they don’t, please give us a call, drop us an email, or use our contact form so that we can address your particular needs.



What styles of video do you produce?

We offer four primary animation styles – see our website for explanations and some examples of each. But that doesn’t mean all of our videos look the same! Just like every company, organization, service, product and customer is different, so, too, is each of our videos. And, if none of our basic styles is exactly what you are looking for, don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of other styles we can adapt to make sure your video is exactly what you need. If you’ve seen something you like online, feel free to send us a link and we can probably emulate it.

What’s included in the standard package?

Our price quote includes the whole shebang: script creation, design and storyboarding, licensed stock photos/video clips and other art, high-quality in-house voice narration, music soundtrack, and sound effects, if required. We deliver a High Definition (1920×1080, unless otherwise specified) MP4 file for you to use on your site and upload to video hosting sites.

You own the resulting video, but as part of this agreement, we reserve the right to share it in our website portfolio. Naturally, we’ll wait for your okay that you’ve published it first.

We don’t share the “working files” at the end of the process, but we keep them securely backed up for at least three years and can make future modifications for you at a very modest cost.

How does RFC keep the price so low?

Our team is pretty well known for eyebrow-raising, competitive pricing for high-quality videos. We’re able to pull this off by keeping our overhead costs down. We’ve set up a hi-tech, “virtual” office to cut down on expenses and tend to meet with clients either via phone or video conferencing. Of course, if it’s necessary to meet in person, we’ll make that happen, but we’ve found that there are few instances that truly require it. We also use in-house voiceover talent and employ a tight-knit group of talented writers and graphic artists, all working remotely.

Last: We decided against a dedicated, expensive Sales team — our business is 100% word-of-mouth and plenty of return customers. We credit our steady client flow to (a) the terrific sense of cooperation we foster, (b) our pricing and, of course, (c) the quality of our work.

So there are never additional costs?

The only time we may have to charge extra is if you go backward in the process, asking us to throw away substantial work that was based on your “thumbs up” at an earlier stage. For instance, if you okay a script and we then record a voiceover, draw up designs, and begin animation, a request to completely rethink a scene will mean rerecording, drawing new designs, and redoing animation from scratch. Obviously, there are plenty of reviews along the way, with plenty of opportunities to make changes and tweaks. Unlike most companies, we don’t limit or charge per set of revisions, though we do ask that you carefully review each round of revisions and send feedback in an organized manner, rather than sending sporadic urgent requests at the last moment. At the end of the day, we try to “over-communicate” so that you’re never surprised, and all work along our linear process goes forward, not backward.

How long will this whole process take?

Obviously, this will depend on the style we choose together and the length of the video. Our minimum 10-15 working-day time frame is a very loose estimation and we include you in the creative process at every step along the way. Therefore, we don’t “do” deadlines (or penalty fees for missing dates) because much of the workflow depends on your interaction with us; we don’t want to rush you or have our target date held up by factors beyond our control. We’ll send you the script and the video drafts for review as they develop. Each stage requires timely feedback via email with comments, requests, questions, and ultimately a go-ahead. To stay on schedule, we ask that you send us feedback within 24 hours of contact.

If, during the script-writing process, it becomes clear that the video is turning out to be more complex and/or longer in duration, we will provide an amendment to this proposal with any necessary change in pricing. As the client, you are welcome to reject the amendment, and either request adherence to the original plan, or terminate the project with a 30% payment for time invested.

What are the voiceover options?

We offer our in-house talent (male with a neutral American accent), as we’ve done for the majority of our productions. Don’t worry -- while it might sound repetitive on our website, where we feature dozens of videos using the same voice, your video will sound unique to your audience. Using in-house talent keeps costs at a minimum because we can fix issues (within reason) at no cost along the way. If you would prefer a specific type of voice, we can accommodate your request for a modest fee. You can specify the type of voice – a female or a different accent – but you choose, we can’t change the script without incurring additional cost for re-recording.

If the video includes screenshots and images, what size should I provide?

Your video will most likely be produced in HD (1920×1080), so if you want to show an entire Web page or product image, please provide us with image files at that size. If we need to zoom in to highlight a specific feature or element, then we will need even higher resolution so there is more “material” to work with. If your video is hosted on YouTube or in a similar “small” player, chances are that showing a full screen is going to make it hard to see much without zooming in. We try to avoid pixelating an image by zooming in too far, and we’ll definitely let you know if we need something specific. If all this pixel discussion is confusing, just ask and we’ll walk you through your particular scenario.

What about adding clickable links to my video?

People ask us this question all the time. We provide an MP4 file, which is "pure pixels." There's nothing that we can do to make it inherently interactive. YouTube and Vimeo (the most common free video hosting sites) do not currently offer this feature and since you usually want a video to be able to be shared on various platforms, it’s not possible to make your video interactive in its “portable” MP4 format. Your webmaster can theoretically add a Javascript “onclick” function to the player on your page, but it’s often simplest to add a link directly under the video on your website or the YouTube or Vimeo page.

After signing the proposal form, what’s the next step?

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, we’ll send you our Client Questionnaire to fill out; this is how we really get to know your thoughts, ideas, and creative requirements. The more you include, the more likely we’ll be able to get you a first draft of the script that hits close to the mark...which helps us keep the process as quick and cost-effective as possible.

What else helps keep the process as quick and cost-effective as possible? Having ALL PEOPLE who may have sign-off powers on this video be involved from the beginning – including the Client Questionnaire phase – and at each of the rounds of edits. Nothing is worse for all of us than having a decision-maker step in at the last minute and redo/undo all of our hard work! We know; we’ve been there enough times in the past that is something we feel very strongly about.