Customers get to your homepage hoping for a quick, easy way to learn about your product or service or organization. There's nothing like an Explainer video to tell that story.
            Animated Videos


Let’s be honest: No one wants to read an essay about how great you are (even if it’s true).


The RapidFire team creates your story as a video and brings it to life. Our clever, original scripts and clean, engaging imagery come together to produce videos that hit a nerve, entertain, and get your potential customers to understand what’s in it for them.


To explain the three reasons why a video is a no-brainer, we’ve created, um, a video:



Next step: Check out our basic video animation styles.

Want to know more about the process? Here's our FAQ

            Voiceovers and Demos


It's fairly easy for you to record your own demo using screen-capture software. But that's only the first step. The voiceover narrative should sound confident, accent-neutral, and perfectly timed, with precise vocabulary free of "uh"s and "um"s. Sound quality is important as well. If it sounds like you're in a cave or submarine, or there's static on the line, breath sounds, or other background noise, the result is less than compelling.


We'll take the bullet points you create based on the basic flow of the recording, edit it, record it, and match it up to the segments of the video. We can animate your logo, add music, zooms and pans, highlights, and other animations for a smooth, professional demo.