Reconsidering Stock Video

When we say the words “stock video,” we bet you’re making a face and thinking “cheesy!” Are we right?!

You may be surprised to learn that stock video has become a terrific option for use in business videos. Don’t have the budget to hire a film crew and film editor to get customized footage for your company’s latest video? Don’t want to spend money on fully animated video? Need to create a last-minute video? You’re in luck! Stock video is cost-effective and allows for quick turnaround -- and can look damned good! All this makes the process of creating your video pretty painless.

There are a number of repository sites like Envato Elements, iStockphoto, and Storyblocks that have millions of licensed stock video clips available for purchase, with prices ranging from tens of dollars for individual use to a few hundred dollars for enterprise use. Or, you can pay a very reasonable yearly membership fee to gain access to unlimited downloads of royalty-free clips. That’s how we do it, giving us the broadest set of options without having to count dollars each time.

At RFC, we’ve been using stock videos more and more, in different types of applications. We’ve started putting together 15- and 30-second Facebook ads for a number of clients, like this one for LifeGraph and this one for Get Help Israel. We’ve woven stock clips in to longer explainer videos that also use customized animation and/or other live footage, such as this video for Velosio, this one for Vitals, and this one for ArmorMe.

There are almost endless stock video clips available, making it a smart option to consider, especially if you have a tight budget or quick turnaround time. Forget what you thought you knew about stock video and let’s see if using a few of the millions of choices could be the right solution for your business video needs. We’ll even let you do the legwork of choosing the clips, further lowering the cost of working with us!

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