10 Tips For Writing…Right!

While much of our time at RapidFire Consulting & Video is spent developing business support materials from concept through execution, we also help clients around the world polish their already-written English-language materials so that they shine.

The distinction between well-written business material – whether website, marketing brochure, presentation, white paper, business plan, executive summary, consumer packaging, or simple email – and poorly written materials is the difference between presenting yourself or your company as expert, professional, detail-oriented, trustworthy, competent, or…well…the opposite. For better or worse, first impressions count and if your materials are poorly written, it makes a bad first impression, starting you off at a major competitive disadvantage.

Through the years, we’ve seen some of the same mistakes appear over and over again – both from native-English speakers and non-native speakers. We thought we’d help everyone out by sharing the following short tutorial on 10 tips for writing better for business purposes.


Now, before you get started, we wanted to point something out: While using grammar correctly is one of the key elements to presenting yourself in a positive light, there are certain times when you can bend the rules a bit to have some fun or to grab attention. For instance, the title of our video is “Words Matter: 10 Tips on How to Write Right for Business.” Now, we know perfectly well that “write right” is not grammatically correct; technically, it should read “write well” or “write correctly.” (We won’t bore you with the grammar lesson on why that is so!) But “10 Tips on How to Write Correctly” sounds kinda stodgy and proper and boring to us! So we employed the tactic of “play on words” to make the title more catchy while also getting across what the video is about (as we then did with the title of this blog posting). Should you do this often? No. Should you do this in a white paper or business plan or executive summary? Absolutely not! But in more creative materials, you can take some purposeful leeway to play with words in order to grab attention.

As always, we are here to help you create well-written, well-designed, engaging, persuasive, and sometimes even fun business materials, so that you can position yourself or your company for success.

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