Messaging + Materials = Marketing 

Website copy. Business plans. PPTs. Press Releases. One-pagers.
It's all about the same thing: Telling your story so it counts.

Marketing your company means honing in on your messaging and having the right materials to make an impression, no matter your audience. We'll help you define your image, and craft precise words and phrases that pack an emotional "punch." Then we'll create the business plans, web copy, brochures, presentation decks, infographics, and other collateral that market your product, business, or organization so that you get the results you need.


Writing, Editing
& Messaging Strategy

Your online, digital and printed image is formed through a collection of various marketing tools. And it’s important that these ingredients interlock and match to give the audience a strong motivation to act.


Here’s the hard part to accept: Often, you’re too close to it all to be objective. It’s the whole "seeing-the-forest-for-the-trees" thing.  RapidFire Consulting can provide a fresh perspective and an outsider’s view to help you develop or sharpen your marketing tools. That means you can get back to all the stuff that keeps your business running smoothly.

Already have materials you're happy with but want to make sure the English is right for an international audience? We've got you covered! We'd be happy to review what you have and make sure the grammar, punctuation, and word choices are solid, so that you don't sabotage your attempts to connect with materials that are obviously "overseas."


In a world where consumers are constantly hearing from businesses – especially digitally via Facebook, Instagram, and online news sources – if they aren’t also hearing from you, you are going to miss out on market share. But today’s savvy consumers aren’t really interested in fluffy “look at me!” ads or aggressive sales pitches; they want to build relationships with brands that offer them value-added experiences. They want to get something, even before they engage directly; namely, they want to learn from the wisdom you’re ready to share.


That’s where your digital content comes in. Blogs on your website, externally published articles,  infographics, white papers, and so on, are opportunities to showcase the brains behind your business and share information that can enhance understanding and position you as a subject matter expert. You want to become the go-to source for your industry. When consumers trust your brains, they will trust your business.


Of course, it’s a challenge for many companies – especially smaller enterprises that don’t have robust in-house marketing departments or writers – to generate the amount of content it takes to make an impression. We are happy to partner with you in this endeavor: We’ll write the blogs, articles, and white papers that will grab attention and you’ll put your name on them and share your knowledge with the world! Consider us your personal ghostwriter.  


Not only that, but we will make sure your content is search engine optimized for maximum attention. But don’t worry – we don’t write robotic, hard-to-read key-word bombs that try to trick Google (it rarely works!). We actually follow Google’s advice: If you write solid, ongoing, consistently-posted material meant for real-live people, that also uses your key words logically, they will give your site the respect it deserves on search engine results pages. We are experts in getting SEO naturally.


How do we work? We are happy to begin with any of the following types of raw materials:

  1. You simply provide us title and general goals, and we do the research and write the piece from scratch;

  2. You give us bullet points of the subject(s) to cover with some links to sources/further information and we use those directions to craft the story; or

  3. You give us a piece you have already written and we edit and revise to make it shine. Keep in mind that we are not necessarily experts in your industry (though we ARE in our own industry!), so we will need some input from you, especially if what we are writing is very technical for a knowledgeable audience. We build some of time researching the subject matter into our pricing.


Our expertise can help you showcase your expertise!

Wix-based Websites

We've been writing website text for over a decade, but clients often ask us to create the site itself, as well. Wix makes website creation quick, easy, flexible and extremely affordable, and our design and editorial skills maximize what it can do for you.


Wix is great for an informational site with the basic interactive elements: newsletter sign-ups, contact, videos, even a basic online store. Developers have created hundreds of add-ons ( free or at a nominal fee) for features that cost you a fraction of hiring a coder and designer.  Changes can be made in seconds, not hours or days.


Once complete, we can either hand it over to you, or make ongoing changes for you for a modest cost. 

Business Plans and PowerPoints


Investors rarely have patience for incomplete or poorly structured executive documents. Whether you need an executive summary of a couple of pages, a short business plan (4-5) or a long one (10-15), or a PPT (full-blown "heavy" or Trigger Deck for meetings) we listen to what you plan to do and make sure you've included all the pieces that investors are looking for


Together, we'll figure out how to create each section for the greatest impact, what terms to use, and most importantly, how to avoid text that will have the reader rolling his/her eyes, seeing it as fantasy.


We can create the plan from scratch based on a discussion and whatever materials you have prepared, or we can edit a draft that you begin yourself, using our template.