Jay Bailey, CEO and Creative Director, has more than a decade and a half of hands-on experience in aggressive (but friendly!) online marketing and design. His early career in developing and implementing digital technologies for newspapers kicked off his obsession with fonts, color balance, and advertising design, as well as the communications technologies that bring it all together.


Previously serving as the long-time Director of Marketing and Investor Communications at Answers.com, Jay comes from a family of psychologists and thus recognizes the importance of creating marketing tools that focus on the user's ego and need for empathy.


As a word-nut, Jay is also obsessive about word choices, precision, and accuracy. These are all critical factors in the "Don't make me think!" format that, for better or for worse, is critical in these days of fleeting attention spans.


RapidFire Consulting and Video began as a casual project to help out a couple of friends whose websites' homepages simply didn't tell their story. What Jay created for them was short. Clean. Direct. Inexpensive. Entertaining. Word got around and it quickly turned into a business with a long list of happy, returning and referring customers.


Working on monthly retainer or on a project basis, Jay employs a dynamic team of full-time, part-time, and freelance talent to match the demands of any project.

Yael Adler, Vice President of Content Operations, brings to RapidFire Consulting almost 20 years of expertise in writing, editing, communications planning and messaging, website and database development, data management and project management. A veteran of both marketing and internal communications departments in U.S professional and financial services firms, Yael most recently was Director of Communications and Operations, as well as Data Manager, at an educational non-profit organization based in New York.


Yael one-ups Jay by not only coming from a family of psychologists and being married into a family of psychologists, but she herself holds a Masters’ degree in Psychology! While deciding to devote her career to helping companies -- rather than individuals -- reach their maximum potential, Yael strongly believes that an understanding of human behavior and motivation is crucial to effective storytelling, which is at the heart of all communication. She likes to think the psychology degree hasn’t gone to waste!


Yael Pic.jpeg

A writing jack-of-all-trades due to her varied background, Yael appreciates that this job allows her go from biotech to baby gear, solar power to software, non-profits to neuroscience. She loves to work at wrapping her brain around the exciting work our clients are eager to share... and figuring out the best way to tell those stories.